Welsh housing project is the first in the UK to be solar-powered


Solar energy is changing the world for the better. From the massive power panels set in France over the past few years to now Welsh housing project, is the first in the UK to be solar-powered. For a small nation like Wales, such a great investment must be of importance not just to state but to the neighbouring countries. The idea of setting up this project was initiated by Swansea University students, innovation and knowledge centre (specific). They suggested the installation of high photovoltaic panels on the houses as rooftops. The ideas were supported by the various key stakeholders including Pobl group and the Neath ports council.

The core idea is to install the solar roof, with the facing south used for heating the water. To ensure that no heat is lost, batteries are to be installed to save the excess heat during that single day. The specific group goes to suggest that in the event there are to have heat losses then it will be recycled and used at a later date. Keeping in mind that solar energy is renewable or in more details a great source of green energy in the today world. Britain in the past has experience insufficient energy supply to several homes, in my opinion, this is going to be a game changer in most aspects of the economy. Energy drives the economy of any country the heavy machines and processing requires sufficient energy.

Let’s remember that Britain is a 24-hour economy. Then comes this innovative idea in the wake of technological advancement in Britain that is going to utilize such an opportunity to solve the problem of less energy. It follows from general knowledge that solar energy is environment-friendly and has no effect on the ecosystem. Therefore, investing in technology such as solar panels and a solar battery is worth a gamble for anyone’s money.

To Wales, this is truly a milestone in their housing sector. There are great opportunities that come with such innovation. First, the project is purely done by the people in Swansea. It is clear that employment opportunities have arisen. It will lead to the development of the Swansea Bay as a leading contributor to the very idea of self-solar-powered homes, already some industries have already picked up ie the Tata Steel.

The project is to succeed it requires a funding from any quota of the society. The government of Wales is really funding the project under the innovative Housing programme and Social Housing Grant, and the private sector including foreign investors. The project, if done to the fullest is likely to reduce the over-reliance on fuel as a source of energy in many low-income earners in most part of the world.

Once completed the project is going to be a motivating factor to many nations across the globe. The government of Wales need to set up more funds or call for heavy investment to ensure this good idea is no let to rot. The Welsh housing project is the first in the UK to be solar-powered and this is a good sign of how the future is truly bright for those who dream big. I pray that this technology passes the test of time to change the overdependence of energy from the hydro-generated electricity that threatens natural resources.