How Should You Choose Your Foundation Contractor?

Anyone who is looking at the available options for foundation contractors in Wirral or anywhere else should make sure such an important job is carried out by an expert. But what exact qualities should you look for?

The right materials
Your foundations need to not only look the part, but also be made from durable stuff. Your foundations are an extension of your home’s style and an extension of your home’s safety. There are many different foundation styles on offer, so you’ll want to think through what combines best with your home.

Whether you’re going for gravel, sandstone, redbrick, concrete or any other option, make sure that it offers both the look and the quality that you were hoping for. Any competent foundation contractor company should be able to talk you through the relative merits of each foundation material.

The right timescale
Different foundation installs can take different amount of times to complete and secure, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re clear on exactly how long the contractor is planning for the project to take. Whether it’s due to ordering in materials, leave time for the material to set, or the time involved with adding additional protection, foundation delays are a frustrating time, so avoid them wherever possible.

The right protection
It’s no good having a great-looking foundation if the materials are only protected from leaks and/or other damage for a matter of months. You’ll want to enjoy knowing that your foundations are secure for many, many years to come, so ensure that you get the right foundation protections added and are also clear on exactly what guarantees are in place.

The right cost
We left this section til last, although we acknowledge that it will be the determining factor for many. What we would say with this, is that while of course the pricing needs to fit with your available budget, don’t select a foundation option simply because it is the cheapest option on offer.

Shop around, and ensure that you find a combination of quality and value. Ensure that the company who installs your foundations have guarantees in place for a good length of time. Think of your foundations as a long-term investment, and also explore whether the company offer any interest-free credit options or the chance to pay in 6 or 12 months so that you can put in place a workable long-term budget.

We are confident that these tips will guide you as you select the materials and contractor to help you get the ideal foundations in place at your home, whether in the Wirral or elsewhere across the UK.